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CPE Kravall hjälm - Certifierad

Our top of the line helmet. The helmet is tested and approved in an accredited laboratory according to the demanding requirements of HOSDB (21/04) standard, like impact and penetrations resistance, vision test for the visor, chemical and flame test. The testing includes 19 different tests.
The visor is made of anti-scratch material. The neck protection is made of flame-retardant materials. The replaceable and washable inner liner allows to adjust the size of the helmet.
The helmet fits perfectly to C.P.E. ®s high quality RIOT suits and it is one of the most used models in Europe.

Tests done in HOSB certification Environmental Conditioning of Helmets (-20 - +50) (4)
Periferial vision
Hearing attenuation
Flammable liquid trap
Flame test (2)
Helmet retention stability
Helmet retention strength
Helmet penetration
Vision Prismatic
Vision Spherical and Astigmatic Abberation
Visor Mist
Visor Impact
Visor Pellet
Visor Solvent

Sizes M-XL
Weight in size Large 1,65 kg

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- Outer shell High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate
- Impact liner Polystyrene
- Inner liner Removable, open cell foam with velour, spacer, moisture
absorbing forehead part
- Visor 4 mm anti-scratch Polycarbonate
- Chin strap assembly PP-strap, ratchet lock emergency opening
- Neck protection FR textile

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