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GARM M90 Combat shirt

GARM® Combat Shirt 2.0

The GARM® Combat Shirt 2.0 is optimized for the professionals who totally rely on, and need to have complete confidence in the functionality and quality of the equipment they use.

The GARM® Combat Shirt 2.0 is a lightweight shirt, ergonomically cut, and perfectly suited to preserve mobility and body heat management while wearing load-bearing or body armor carriers during combat missions.

It is produced of Mil-Spec 50/50 NYCO RipStop, offering no-melt/no-drip properties in the sleeves and shoulder area.

A resistant and highly breathable knit fabric and flat seams offer the best comfort towards the skin.




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  • SF-315            M90
  • SF-316            M90 Desert


  • Near Infrared (NIR) properties
  • European style fit
  • A high knit based collar for better comfort
  • Flat stitches to avoid rubbing and irritation
  • Articulated cut of the sleeves to facilitate free movement
  • Low profile, snag free, zipper in the throat
  • Zipper based arm pockets

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